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Mission statement

TerraMed has, as its corporate mission, the provision of first class services in the field of environmental consulting to a diversified domestic and international client base. Drawing upon a team of experienced professionals and focused upon the Romanian and Hungarian markets, the company offers an exciting service.

In Romania, as well as in the Central and Eastern European countries, the environmental problems are starting to have more and more attention. Resolving this problems it's quite a challenge, but needed; it's supported by the regions aspirations to be part of the large European family. Once integrated into the EU, and the changes that this integration will bring (competition, EU laws, etc), represents a challenge and new opportunities for TerraMed.

TerraMed is seeking to obtain a fair position on the Romanian environmental market, with high quality and trusted services, with the maximum usage of its resources, in the same time, increasing its chances to survive on the large, competitive EU market.

As well as working with the private sector, we are active with government and multi-lateral funding agencies. As a company we discuss and work closely with universities and research groups in Romania, Hungary and beyond in order to remain alert to current thinking.

The advice we offer is tailored to our client`s specific needs and has as its aim, all the times, to be pro-active. As a company, TerraMed, sees environmental services as heaving a highly positive effect upon a client`s business. Indeed, we look for this area to often become a relevant revenue and profit source for our client companies.

TerraMed, in its quest to achieve all this goals, will always use highly qualified, well trained, dynamic persons, who can use and implement with ease, the new technologies that occur almost every day, success oriented people, in an optimum working environment, where they can have the maximum efficiency.